Dubai and UAE IPTV Subscription

As all we now Dubai has been the most modern city in the last century in the world , and has so many expats living there for working .

Most of the expats , are living in the magnificent Dubai Marina .

Recently, we received a lot of request about how to watch English TV channels In Dubai , and we are asked how we can watch TV in our place of life without the need for satellite equipment and only through the Internet, with a high quality .

I quickly began to investigate what people in Dubai used to watch television , i found that so many people use MAG256/257 and
Avov media player .

Because the two above devices have the largest number of users in Dubai, we will try to provide the necessary explanations about using the IPTV service .

But we will help you for other devices too , if you have any other devices just contact us on skype and our support team will help you in shortest time to run IPTV service on your device .

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First here we speak about MAG 254/255 :

MAG 254/255 are IPTV receivers from Infomir. They support IPTV service very good , but they are a little difficult to setup.
But here we will help you how to run IPTV service easilly on MAG devices!

Where you can buy MAG254? There are many that sell MAG254 in Dubai, for example we recommend you these two stores

But the most important thing is that these devices doesnt include any channels list , you just buy the box! and we will provide you the best iptv services you need !

And alos The box is not Wi-Fi enabled , you need a Wi-Fi dongle to connect to the internet .

Using Hyper IPTV with MAG devices

In MAG devices we ask you for your mac address , after , we will add your mac address into our server , and we send you ad Portal address , you will enter this portal address in your , MAG box as the below tutorial , and you will have access to thousands of channels which you can use with an high speed internet line .

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Install HyperIPTV on MAG
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Install HyperIPTV on MAG

Avov box operating system is android , and we have so many applications to run IPTV on this box , but we recommend IPTV Smarters application .

Here you can download the application from googleplay

After installation , you will see an screen which you have to enter some detail the the We will provide you

Install IPTV on IPTV Smarters Pro

After you enter the details , you will access to thousands of channels , VOD And Series .

We hope this tutorial will help you .

We are ready to help you for other devices , you can easily contact us on skype and ask every question you have about IPTV Service .

Contact us quickly to buy IPTV service In DUBAI (UAE) :

skype ID : hyperiptvnet