MediaStar HD-IPTV

what is mediastar HD-IPTV ?

how to buy activation code for my mediastar device?

If you have Mediastar devices , you can use Mediastar HD-IPTV with an activation code , which you input in device , you will access more than 3000 channels .

You can use mediaStar HD-IPTV , With android boxes and other smart devices which support android applications .

To get more information about the instructions you can contact us on skype

Skype ID : hyperiptvnet

Price :

6months Mediastar iptv = 35 $

12months Mediastar iptv = 55 $

After your purchase we will send your code soon through email,  we can not exchange for you or take it back.


Application Link For Android Devices :

HD-IPTV Googleplay link

How to buy a medistar HD-IPTV 24 Hours Trial ?

You can pay 2$ for this trial service , after payment , we will send you active code , which you can use it anytime you need .

Buy Mediastar HD-IPTV Trial from here

You can also contact us via Skype for more support :

Skype : hyperiptvnet